FULL DAIRY MILK POWDEREasy nutrition for every taste and dietary need

This range is a great way to get your daily health benefits of dairy milk. We have a delicious Full Cream cows milk, a Skim milk that has the same essential nutrients just less fat.

And for those who can’t tolerate cow’s milk, we offer a full flavour Goat milk option, which is less allergenic and easily absorbed into the body.

And for a little extra health benefit - we have a cow’s milk combined with New Zealand Manuka honey - renowned for its unique medicinal properties.


Combining New Zealand’s unique honey with milk powder

  • New Zealand’s national treasure and specialty honey
  • Enhances overall immunity and stamina
  • Improves gastrointestinal digestion and wound healing
  • Contains oligosaccharides but not sucrose to help prevent weight gain

INGREDIENTS: This product is currently under formulation development by our nutritionists.

NUTRITION INFORMATION TBA / This product is currently under formulation development by our nutritionists
Servings per pack: - Ave. Qty Ave. Qty
Serving Size: - g Per Serve Per 100g
Energy - kJ - kJ
Protein - g - g
Fat, total - g - g
- saturated - g - g
- trans - g - g
- monounsaturated - g - g
- polyunsaturated - g - g
- DHA - mg - mg
Carbohydrate, total - g - g
- sugars - g - g
Sodium - mg - mg
Calcium - mg - mg
Vitamin D3 - mcg - mcg

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