FORTIFIED MILK POWDER- Essential nutrition for the ages and stages of life - a product for everyone.

Uniquely our Fortified Milk range offers pure New Zealand Dairy formulated to support the different ages and stages of life. We cater for regular milk usage, then we offer special enhanced products suitable for:

· Expectant mothers
· Studying students
· Developing toddlers
· The aged who need support for bone health.

Each product has different nutrition and mineral levels plus specific additions designed to sustain health for all the different stages of life.


Fortify learning and healthy development

  • DHA to boost brain learning and growth
  • Calcium and vitamins to strengthen teeth and bone development
  • Iron, an important component of hemoglobin Zinc, an important element helping growth
  • Multivitamins to strengthen immunity

INGREDIENTS: This product is currently under formulation development by our nutritionists.

NUTRITION INFORMATION TBA / This product is currently under formulation development by our nutritionists
Servings per pack: - Ave. Qty Ave. Qty
Serving Size: - g Per Serve Per 100g
Energy - kJ - kJ
Protein - g - g
Fat, total - g - g
- saturated - g - g
- trans - g - g
- monounsaturated - g - g
- polyunsaturated - g - g
- DHA - mg - mg
Carbohydrate, total - g - g
- sugars - g - g
Sodium - mg - mg
Calcium - mg - mg
Vitamin D3 - mcg - mcg

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